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What, Me Twitter?

Twitter For Me!

Twitter as a extension of your businesses marketing plan is an excellent tool. Virtually all Internet Marketing and SEO experts agree, having a twitter page is a virtual must, But...

The problem with Twitter is that you have to Tweet!

As a business owner or manager, you already have plenty to occupy your time, now add that you have to stop what you are doing, sit down and compose a twitty (Thats a witty tweet), all in under 140 charactors.

Its the one of the first items that gets shuffled off to your tomorrows to-do list, and pretty soon it never gets done.

Hire Me!

For as little as $25 per week I will tweet on your twitter page. I can also update your other social media pages as well if you like. I can also update most web sites as well. Drop me a note and I'll give you a quote!

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